Saturday, January 4, 2014

Secret project: What is it about?

thanks to Blu Ann for photo <3

Last week I announced that I have secret project, but what is it about?
I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy to inform you that I will be closing Fall For Fall BECAUSE I'm opening new blog! Ta-da! I wanted to say this for so long!

Main reason why I am closing this blog is because I'm not feeling it anymore. As I mentioned way back when I was taking some time off, I really like to blog, however I'm not sure if I want to focus on fashion. (Well, I'm sure now but I wasn't then..) I don't like the name of this blog as much as I used to, taking pictures for posts was more stressful than pleasurable (there was never time for it and lack of people capable of actually taking decent photographs) and also I had so much other stuff I wanted to share but they just didn't fit in anyway with "fashion blog".

Now, as you already guessed, new blog won't be a fashion blog. It will be lifestyle&(graphic) design (let's call it that for now) where I'll probably still include an outfit or two every now and then. I'm still not set 100% on which categories I'll have but I'll figure it out soon.

I'm super excited about switching to another blog and I hope some of you will tag along and follow me there as well. I will keep you updated weekly until the grand opening (and closing), however I will upload new and last outfit post next week probably, I have yet to take pictures (see what my problem is?).

Any thoughts? 

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